Tim Walmsley is a veteran and the founder and CEO of BenchOn, the world’s first Talent Sharing Platform. Heeding the call for business owners and entrepreneurs to share their ideas to help get us through this Crisis, Tim joins me to discuss how organisations can keep their workforce and share their skills rather than standing them down. We talk about how he came up with the idea for this world-first solution, the process he applied to developing his business plan, and how you can use his solution to help keep your people in jobs during these extremely challenging times. 

A quintessential entrepreneur, Tim saw a problem and instead of accepting it, asked “Why cant we find a better way to manage it?”

If your business is currently suffering from the COVID-19 slowdown, then please either register your business for free through www.benchon.com  or if you have a larger requirement such as bulk staff to redeploy or large numbers of positions to fill, please contact BenchOn directly at info@benchon.com  so they can create a tailored service to meet your current needs.

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