After working on crisis management and continuity with corporates and government departments preparing responses to Ebola, Foot and mouth, H1N1 and now COVID-19 Jason Jarrett asks the question “Is the three-second rule dead?” Jason Jarrett is an adjunct professor in risk management, a consultant on risk and resilience and runs a mega Podcast, A Buddhist Podcast. Jason shares some unique perspectives on lessons from Ebola, Mad Cow and other crisis events that we can apply to confront Coronavirus. 

We discuss optimism bias, managing uncertainty, the death of the three second rule, the phases of pandemics and how to plan the return to work safely post outbreak. 

His daily mantra, “To bring out the best in yourself and the best in everyone around you” is embodied in his recommended daily Coronavirus routine:

  1. Pray / meditate - do something for your spirituality
  2. Read something that makes you a better person
  3. Find some time to encourage 3 people
  4. Exercise
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