“Don't look at these events as black swans… I don't think any business should plan around what if, every business should plan on when.”  

 Thomas Knudsen 

Thomas Knudsen is the Managing Director of global supply chain business Toll. Having previously lived through the global cyber attack at Maersk, he joined the business as the head of their Global Forwarding Division before being appointed Managing Director in January 2020. At this time, Australia was emerging from the disruptions of the Black Saturday Fires however further serious challenges were ahead. Toll was shortly thereafter the victim of two Global Cyber Attacks, whilst the onset of the global COVID pandemic was starting to wreak havoc on global supply chains.

One of these crisis events alone would normally have crippled a business, however Toll has navigated its way through these crises and is emerging more resilient and stronger than ever. Thomas shares his insights into these events and the lessons he learnt from these in preparedness, planning, leadership, mindset, purpose, and supply chain resilience. 

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