From the frontlines of the NZ SAS to the frontline of a global pandemic, Anaesthetist Bill Bestic has seen the best and worst of humanity and understands leadership during uncertainty. In this episode of Crisis Talks, Bill gives us a unique insight into the preparations that are underway in our hospitals, the fears of our medical staff and the courage people are showing every day as they prepare for the worst case.  

As a healthcare worker, I know exactly why I’m being Intubated. ‘Cos my lungs have failed and my fear then is if well my lungs have failed and I’m being put to sleep on a ventilator, there’s a possibility I'm not going to be waking up from this”.

Faced with the question of his mortality and that of his colleagues, Bill shares his perspectives on courage, leadership and decision making in uncertainty. Bill gives a pretty raw assessment on his disappointment with the leadership being shown at the NSW and Federal government levels and compares this with the real clarity in communications as all levels in NZ. Equally, he shares his optimism on what we can learn and take stock of as a society once we get through this pandemic.

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