"You can have the greatest resources in the world, but the weights aren't going to lift themselves".  Tarkyn Lockyer is a 227 game champion of the Collingwood Football Club who now heads up the Australian Football League's National Talent Development Program. In this episode of Crisis Talks, we explore some of the highs and lows of his amazing career, from the disappointment of missing the 2010 premiership selection, his transition to coach in the same club and how he has found his own leadership style with the help of some amazing mentors.

From no. 34 in the rookie draft,  to 227 game veteran, Tarkyn's shown amazing determination and a willingness to learn from those around him. He talks about the importance of feedback in development, how he has adapted his leadership style from player to coach and the importance of strength - based leadership in moulding high potential talent into high performing teams.

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